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    1. Know Yourself

    2. Know Your Options

    3. Networking General Tips

    4. Networking for Career Change

    5. Go Broad Summary

    6. Go Broad Quiz

    1. Experiment

    2. Decide and Commit

    3. Upskilling

    4. Go Deep Summary

    5. Go Deep Quiz

    1. Resume and LinkedIn

    2. Networking for Job Search

    3. Interview Preparation

    4. Offer Negotiation

    5. Strong Start

    6. Go Forward Summary

    7. Go Forward Quiz

    1. Conclusion

    2. Career Change Online Course Slides

    3. 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions

About this course

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  • 29 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 28 pages workbook with best practices, curated resources, and assignments

Meet Irina

Irina Cozma, Ph.D.

Career and Executive Coach

Irina Cozma, Ph.D., is a career and executive coach who supports professionals to have better career adventures. She coached hundreds of Fortune 500 executives from global organizations like Salesforce, Hitachi, and Abbott. Irina also coaches startups and the Physicians MBA at the University of Tennessee. She was featured in Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, and Fast Company.


“Irina is an expert in her field and an amazing coach! I’ve had the opportunity to build a relationship with Irina over the past year and it has had such a positive impact on me, both professionally and personally. She’s a thoughtful listener, she’s easy to talk to, and she provides extremely valuable insights. I can’t thank her enough for the positive influence she’s had on my life. She’s brought fresh ideas and new perspectives to my career goals. I highly recommend working with Irina if you’re looking for a dedicated, effective, and knowledgeable coach who can help you reach your career goals!”

Emma McKee

“Irina was a tremendous support during my coaching sessions. Especially, Irina provided guidance in effective communication with my team, understanding 360 feedback, advice on a big picture in relation to career, resume/interview preparation as well as support on the personal side. I like seeing immediate results during or after the sessions and the structure provided to achieve set goals. Irina, thank you for making me a better person!”

Olga Van Put

“I feel so fortunate to call Irina a coach and influence in my life. From our first call, I felt an instant connection with her. She is intelligent, personable, and a straight shooter. Irina has many strengths, but one I personally appreciate is her constructive feedback. She is honest and kind and will continue to work with you until you feel confident. And one more thing: from someone who tends to overthink things, Irina brings simplicity and a clear plan of action to my projects and pursuits. So thankful to have her as a coach!”

Paige Pulford

“Irina has brought such clarity in my intention of changing the career path. I have started to work with Irina with the unique goal of finding what will be my next career, after 14 years in the marketing field. Irina has a unique method that helped me tremendously not only finding the path but, also, to instill optimism in my future endeavors. Every meeting with Irina is full of optimism and support in accomplishing dreams, that sometimes, I forgot I had. I strongly recommend Irina for career changes and finding a personal career path.”

Mara Ababei

“Irina has been a fantastic source of insight, ideas, and much-needed positivity. She is empathetic, a fantastic active listener, and has really helped me to pinpoint what my goals are, and the steps needed to reach them. She has stayed accessible throughout my career journey, and checks in often to assess my progress. If you're floundering in your desire for a change in careers, I cannot recommend Irina enough.”

Alex Robinson

“Irina was a great source of ideas, development possibilities, and know-how into understanding my resume and possible career path. During consulting, I felt understood and safe, which is an incommensurable value to me. She offered professional insights and recommendations and now I have a clear insight into my future plans and as a result, my resume is much better.”

Mariana L


  • Who, specifically, is this course for?

    This course is for professionals who want to find more satisfying careers. If you have the motivation and discipline to do the work this course is for you. If you want to wake up happier in the morning because you are in the correct profession, this course is for you. But keep in mind that this course is not a “shortcut” course. The course is focused on a process that usually takes many months.

  • What problems will this career change course help you overcome?

    The goal of this career change course is to help you make an informed decision about your next career. The key word here is “informed”. I noticed with my coaching clients that many of them want to jump into their next career before having enough information. As the result, they end up jumping from one career to another and investing time and money in a semi-haphazard manner. You can avoid that by following this career change process. This process will allow you to collect information and make small bets before doing the jump and making a big time and money investment.

  • I want to change my job, not my career. Is this course for me?

    If you are looking just for a job change, not a career change (e.g., accountant to marketing; software engineer to interior design), you can still benefit from this course. You will get the most out of the last step (Go Forward) but you might also find useful the information from the other steps, like getting to know yourself, networking, experimenting, or making informed decisions.

  • Who should NOT buy this course?

    Do not buy this course if you expect to change your career in a few weeks and/or if you do not have the time, motivation, and discipline to put in the work. There is no magic button. The work is the shortcut!

  • Should I take the entire course in one day or one week?

    No. Do not rush through this course. If you want, you can listen to it in one day but that will not help you much with your career change process. You can still listen to it if you are curious to know the entire process, but then come back and go step by step and do the assignments. There is where the progress will be. In doing the assignments for each step. Some assignments will take you a few days, others a few weeks. Again, do not rush.

  • Is this course the same as doing 1:1 coaching session?

    No, it is not. You will get the basic tactics that I use with my 1:1 coaching clients. But you get to implement the process by yourself. However, while I usually do not offer one-off coaching sessions (but just 3, 6, or 12-month coaching engagements), I do offer that for those who bought this course. Reach out to [email protected] if you want to schedule one-off coaching session(s) currently at $300 per session to reinforce the content from the course.

  • What if I need this course but don’t have time right now?

    The course is available 24/7 on a members-only website that you can access whenever you want. You have lifetime access to the course. After you enroll, you’ll receive an email with your login details that will give you instant access to the course.

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